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Brief history

The Plan for the “Development of a Green Point Network” for the collection of recyclable materials and special waste throughout the whole Cyprus was launched in 2005, when the Department of Solid Waste Management of the Ministry of Home Affairs, in cooperation with all the Municipalities and Communities of the Republic of Cyprus proceeded with an allotment of some default space for the construction of Green Points.

In October 2008, the Ministry of the Home Affairs (Solid Waste Management Division) issued a Call for Offers (No 4/2008) for the “Provision of consultancy services for preparation of all necessary studies / documents for the development of a network of green points throughout Cyprus and supervision of construction works’. In June 2009 the relevant contract was signed with the Contractor (EPEM SA – I. A. CO Ltd), to be started on 3/7/2009.

Under this Contract, the researchers have developed and delivered (4/9/2009) to the Contracting party the draft of Strategic Project, for the preparation of which filed visits and evaluation of all proposed sites for construction of Green Point were required, as well of new sites, that were considered optionally for the construction of the Green Points.

The Strategic Plan was presented to representatives of Local Administration during the workshops (19 and 22/10/2009). At that stage of the project, the Environmental Impact Assessment Study (Law 102 (I) / 2005) had been prepared for the “Green Points Network Development” Project. The “Content of the Environmental Impact Assessment Study” was delivered to the Contracting party on 7/10/2009. The findings of this study, and the observations and recommendations of the relevant departments will be considered while the Strategic Plan for the project will be shaped out, so as to proceed to the next stage of detailed design and construction.

Objectives of the Green Points Development Plan

The general objective of the Project is to develop an all-Cypriot network of points to collect recyclables and special waste. The objective of sustainable development and the requirements of European and Cypriot legislation and policy on waste management has led the Republic of Cyprus to the decision of establishing the Green Points Network.

In Paphos region the green points are in Pegyia, in Chrysochou, in Agia Varvara and in Koloni.

Green spots are expected to solve a huge country problem that is the existence of a multitude of uncontrolled waste disposal areas, where mostly recyclable materials and bulky items are delivered to, which are not collected in classic ways of disposal. It is a plan that will significantly improve the quality of life of local communities. Besides, it is stated in the original environmental study for the formation of green points network in Cyprus, their function will help to shape the new approach as to what is and what is not waste, reducing the ease of throwing useful objects and materials. At the same time, this policy will develop new standards of social behavior favoring recovery, recycling, waste reduction and the re-use of recyclable materials.