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Water supply of Community


In relation with the operation of Communal Water Supply Service, the following information is useful:

Communal water supply system.

The Communal Water supply system is used for the entire area of Community Council. The system covers all public roads, not excluding also the rural area. There are two water tanks with the capacity of 500 Klit (500 tons) each. One of them is installed in the area of Petrides – near the Agios Georgios Chapel in Emba region. This water tank is used to cover the higher area of the community. The second tank is located in the site area of the Cyprus Tourist Organization – EMBA region, which is used to cover the lower, tourist area, the area below the coastal road of Chloraka and a part of the Rural area below the Martathonos Avenue.

The water tanks are connected to refinery network of Asprokrem river, i.e. up to the tanks the potable water network and/or the water counters are owned by the government.

After the tanks, the network is of community. It has been changed / replaced with a fully new network. It consists of plastic UPVC pipelines. The replacement works were completed in 2012. The entire project cost € 5.950.000,00 and the Community contribution was € 1,125,000.00 – equal to the original loan amount from the Chloraka LLP – Today’s Cooperative Savings Bank of Paphos – with the balance of € €800.000,00 outstanding on 31/12/2016.


Invoicing the drinking water supplies.

The potable water supply is charged as shown below:

1.Houses – individual apartments:

Fixed Charge: (Reg. 216 2 (b) € 8, 50.

Tons consumed:

0 – 50 Χ € 0,85

51 –100 Χ € 1,00

101 – 150 Χ   € 2,00

Over 151 Χ  € 4,00

2.Businesses / Stores:

Fixed Charge: (Reg. 216 2(b)   €8,50

Royalty : (Reg. 216 2(a)   €6,50

Tons Consumed:

0 – 50 Χ € 0,85

51 –150 Χ € 1,00

151 – 250 Χ   € 2,00

over 251 Χ  € 4,00

3. Small tourist units – restaurants:

Fixed Charge: (Reg. 216 2(b)   €8,50

Royalty : (Reg. 216 2(a)   €50,00

Tons Consumed :

0 – 50 Χ € 0,85

51 –150 Χ € 1,00

151 – 250 Χ   € 2,00

Over 251 Χ  € 4,00

4.Hotels – Organized Apartments:

Fixed Charge (Reg. 216 2(b)   €8,50

Royalty : (Reg. 216 2(a)   €170,00

Tons Consumed :

0 – 2000 Χ     € 0,85

Over 2001 Χ € 1,50

5. Multi-child families:

Fixed Charge: (Reg. 216 2(b)   €8,50

0 – 60 Χ € 0,85

61 –100 Χ € 1,00

101 – 150 Χ   € 2,00

Over 151 Χ  € 4,00

6. Temporary Provisions – Communal Counters:

Fixed Charge: (Reg. 216 2(b)   €8,50

Royalty : (Reg. 216 2(a)   €50,00

Tons Consumed :

0 – 50 Χ € 0,85

51 –100 Χ € 2,00

Over 101 Χ  € 4,00

By the end of the year unpaid invoices are charged with additional 10%.
The pricing was based on the prepared techno-economic study of water management in accordance with current legislation and operation regulations of the Community Council.
Based on the new legislation – Regulations on Pricing and Water Services Cost retrieval mechanisms (RAA 128/2014) – or/and the new prices that will apply from the 10th of June, 2017 there will be certain revisions in money in the current water pricing methods.
The consumers will be updated accordingly.

Excessive consumption of water/ damage to privately-owned network.

Of the residential billings it seems that for water consumption in excess of 100 tons the pricing is €2.00 per ton.

Many times problems with large water consumption were noted due to failure of the private network after hydrometers. When such a problem is detected or there is high consumption, the consumer should submit a relevant application for hydrometer meter control. If consumption is due to the damage in a private network or its facilities, the following standard practice shall apply:

  • The responsible Service personnel goes to check, and if there is a proof / and the technician of the Water Department approves that the damage has been remedied, the Secretary instructs the Treasury to correct the pricing. The correction is made as follows: on the basis of the consumptions of previous years, the average drinking water consumption per each three months is estimated. This is subject to charge, and the remaining amount of water consumption is charged at a price of € 1.00 per ton.

First connection / placement of a new water meter:

A new consumer applies for a water meter to be installed. The application is examined by the Secretary in cooperation with the Technical Services. The applicant should have met the requirements of the construction permit, and paid the relevant construction permit fees. If it’s a simple case – e.g. an approved plot with existing supply, then the Water Supply Department of Community Council installs the new water meter. The method of a water meter installation is defined both for a water meter – on pegs of “P” shape and for multiple water meters in a central distributor.

When there is no supply and/or the construction project defines that the connection will be made under the supervision of or by the Community Council Services, then the applicant shall pay the connection costs and the Department of Water Supplies of the C. Council will proceed with the implementation of this work.

The applicant / new consumer pay the following royalties:

Subscription fee: €70,00.

Hydrometer cost: €50,00

Labor costs: €30,00

Materials: € 35,00

If the applicant is a buyer / of new residence, which for no title deeds have been issued – as in large residential complexes, i.e. there is only a Sales agreement that has been prepared by a lawyer, then the applicant shall deposit a relative advance payment of € € 239,00 which will be paid back once the applicant ensures the issuance of a separate title deed for his name from the Department of Cadaster and Surveys.

Renting premises by tenants.

To rent premises, the following is practiced:

  • A tenant requesting the water meter to be registered in his name shall deposit the lease agreement as a proof.

The Community Council proceeds to transfer the meter after the tenant deposits the amount of € 239,00 (tax down payment equal to € 171,00 and water consumption fixed amount of € 68,00).

This amount is paid back to the tenant, when he leaves, and no pending taxes or water consumption charges exist. It should be noted that the owner of the premises may leave the counter registered in his name, but this equates to paying the yearly taxes – garbage collection tax / communal services tax and water consumption fee.

Useful Documents: Useful Documents: Regulations of the Community Council of Chloraka – On Administration of Local Affairs (General)