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Saint Nektarios

The church of Agios Nektarios (St. Nectarios) belongs geographically to Empa, while ecclesiastically It belongs to Chloraka. The temple was built in 1985 on the government land, since it is built in the courtyard of the nursing home ” Nefelis Taliotis Shelter of the Elderly “, built exclusively at the expense of the Republic. The unforgettable Nefeli Taliotis offered in 1985 the amount of £ 75.000, which has been managed by the special committee of Welfare Office, and for this reason the institution was later named after him.

The chapel of Agios Nektarios, originally built at the expense of presbyter of Greece Nicolaidou to serve the needs of the institution residents, was launched on the 25th of May, 1986. In 1996 the church was enlarged.

The temple is styled as basilica with a dome.The altarpiece is made of wood and comprises 14 icons and a narrower zone containing 14 thumbnails.

In the churchyard since 1998 there is a very small chapel dedicated to St. Ephraim.

The church of Saint Nektarios, which has its own priest and ecclesiastical committee, celebrates each year on the 9th of November.