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Saint Ephraim

In 2003 Chloraka acquired yet another small temple.The church of Chloraka granted a four acres’ plot for expansion of the cemetery, a small temple of basilica style was also build in the same piece of land.

Both in Cyprus and in Greece, there are very few temples dedicated to St. Ephraim, since he is considered to be a newly-revealed saint. This miraculous Saint was born in Trikala in 1384. It is depicted as a swarthy, tall monk with a painful and ecstatic gaze. The end of his earthly life was martyred because for eight consecutive months he was subjected by the Turks to the terrible tortures. Finally he died on 5th  of May, 1426. His relic was found only in 1950. His memory, except the 5th of May, is celebrated on January 3 – the day, when his sacred relics were found.

The architect of the small church, the construction of which began in October 2001, was Teukros Koulountis.The iconostasis is wood-carved and consists of four portable icons painted by the hieromonk Ignatius.