Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM


Your bills must be settled before the last payment date mentioned in the invoice.


Payment can be made in the following ways:

  1. In the Community Cashier’s office (at the offices of the community, in operating hours as given below).
  2. In Cashier’s offices of Commercial Banks (of Cyprus, Hellenic, Alpha) and in all Cooperative institutions (deposited to the Community Council account).
  3. Consumers of Water Supply Authority ONLYmay also be included in billing payment system activating the Direct Debit by SEPA to the Community and to get rid of unnecessary costs and inconveniences. In such a case, their invoices will be sent to you just for information.
  4. Online through the JCC Smart system. ( Link: )
  • Once the payment deadline has expired, the bills can be paid off only in the Community Cashier’s office (at the Community offices) and via the JCC system.
  • Checks are to be issued in the name of the Chloraka Community and to have two lines.
  • A citizen who for any reason leaves the community area is kindly requested to pay to the Community Fund any sums due for the collection of charges, professional tax, licenses for operations, water supply, etc., and to inform the relevant Community department so that the tax registers are corrected accordingly.

Community Bank Account Number in Commercial Banks:

Bank Account No.
Hellenic Bank LTD 511 – 01 – 424848 – 01
Alpha Bank LTD 645 – 105 – 014951 -0
Cyprus Bank LTD 0674 – 05 – 001907
Cooperative Central Bank Pafos LTD 4018168 – 6

Community Cashier’s office working hours:

Monday – Friday : from 7:45a.m to 1:30p.m