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Archangel Michael

In the western end of the village there is a graphic chapel of Archangelos (Archangel) Michael.The elders of the village remember the ruins of the medieval temple, which was also small, just like nowadays. As they also say, in the old days the fests took place in the churchyard, with almost all the village population gathered.

The consecration of the church took place by Chrysostomos II, the Bishop of Paphos, on September 6, 1987, with the contribution of Iphigenia N. Pentara.The charming whitewashed chapel, with its tidy paved churchyard, is a daily attraction for the faithful people, as well as for many foreign tourists.The wooden iconostasis is simple and consists of only three portable icons.In the recent years the church murals are being created by hagiographer Ikonomos Andreas Papa -Aristodimou.

The ordinance of Christening happens often in the chapel of Archangel Michael. It is operated usually twice a year, on September 6, the day of the Archangel’ miracle in Chonais (Chonech) and November 8, the day of his commemoration.