Monday - Friday 8AM - 1PM


The residents / owners of premises of Chloraka Community are to be informed that:

  • The collection of household refuse in the Community Council area is scheduled to be every Monday and Thursday.

All residents / owners of premises in Chloraka Community are requested, for household refuse collection purposes:

  • To be provided with plastic containers (Bins) of 50 lit capacity, for each house or apartment.
  • Housing estates and estates of more than four houses / flats will be provided with garbage tanks type of “Sulo” type of 1000 lit capacity, at proportion of one tank for every eight dwellings / apartments.

It is not allowed to throw household refuse outside the above-mentioned plastic containers.

1. The household rubbish shall be delivered to garbage collectors of residential houses, or, in case such collectors do not exist – on public sidewalks in front of the house / apartment the night before the collection day, i.e. the evening of Sunday and of Wednesday.

2. Please follow strictly the above rules. The purpose of the C.Council is to maintain and improve the cleaning service and to upgrade the area of the Community Council.